Professional Development Opportunities 

Since 1996, Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom has offered more than 260 workshops on farms across the state bringing on-farm education experiences to more than 3,000 educators.


Each session offers an in-depth educational overview of one aspect of agriculture with related hands-on activities that helped teachers take agriculture back to their classrooms. Each workshop also includes a farm tour and the opportunity to meet the farmer and learn about work that goes on at the farm. Ten professional development points are offered to teachers for each of the workshops, when they take what they learn back to the classroom and carry out an activity with their students and then send a report.

We plan to continue virtual workshops of 1-1.5 hours, FREE.

When appropriate, we will  have outdoor farm based on site workshops with opportunity for 10 PDP's.


2022 Workshops:  ​​

The Bee's Knees (repeat for 2022)  August 9, 9:00 am-3:00 pm RAIN DATE Aug.10

Meet at the State Apiary hives in Amherst.  You will have the chance to "suit up" and be

up close and personal with a hive.  The Massachusetts Apiary staff will guide you and

explain the happenings in the hive.  Leave with lessons and resources for your class.


Completed Recent Virtual Workshops

Simple Machines...Can You Find Them on a Farm- May

Hugelkultur in Raised Beds - April 

Maple Sugaring in Massachusetts - March 

Fiber AND Feelings - January 

Meet an Apple Farmer and Pruning December 

Meet a Turkey Farmer November  

Meet a Cranberry Growing Family- October 

Workshops coordinated by the Massachusetts State Grange Roots Initiative and Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom.   Workshops provided with funding from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, and the Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Board.