Mass Ag in the Classroom WORKSHOPS


Since 1996, Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom has offered more than 250 workshops on farms across the state bringing on-farm education experiences to more than 3,000 educators.


Each session offers an in-depth educational overview of one aspect of agriculture with related hands-on activities that helped teachers take agriculture back to their classrooms. Each workshop also includes a farm tour and the opportunity to meet the farmer and learn about work that goes on at the farm. Ten professional development points are offered to teachers for each of the workshops, when they take what they learn back to the classroom and carry out an activity with their students and then send a report.

 2021 Workshops are all virtual for now!  ​​

Taste of MAC Workshops for June
What do worms and kale have in common? 
You guessed it, they are both topics for the next 2 Taste of MAC workshops!

Tuesday, June 15, 6:00 pm - Vermicomposting with educator Jeff Stanford
Learn about the benefits of having a worm farm in your classroom. Put those food scrapsf from snacks to good use.
How can it help your school garden, home garden, or even your houseplants?
You will create the beginning of a small worm farm by the end of the hour.
AND you will also start a batch of Lactobacillus to use in the garden, making more nutrients available to plants.
Yes, microbiology!!

To work along with Jeff, gather: 
1 clean 5 gallon bucket with cover
Drill & bit to make holes
Shredded newspaper
1 large jar with loose cover (like juice or milk jug)
1 cup of rice
Other needed supplies (worms) will be mailed to you after the workshop.

Time is short, so REGISTER HERE:​

Thursday, June 17, 6:00 pm - Cooking from the Garden with Chef Ellen
Join Ms. Ellen Nylen, Nutrition Director of the Webster Public Schools as she demonstrates a delicious recipe.
Chef Ellen is a strong proponent of buying local foods for home and school to introduce children to a variety of tastes.
This will be a "tasty" way to explore a Taste of MAC Workshop as you cook along with Chef Ellen.

To cook with Chef Ellen, you will need: the following: 
Large bowl, Knife, Food Processor
(List of recipe ingredients will be emailed )when you register)
You will be eating a delicious dish by the end of this hour!





History of Apples in New England and the Legend & Lore of Johnny Appleseed.echniques?

Wednesday, May 5, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.   (Completed)