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Meet a Local Farmer Video Contest

Who are your local farmers and why is their job important? We want to hear about it! 

Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom, in collaboration with the Massachusetts State Grange, is sponsoring a video contest for students!

Students from Elementary to High School are encouraged to make a video of an interview with a local farmer. What interesting questions can you ask after the typical queries about their farm and how they started farming?  Can you think of an innovative way to make YOUR video a winner?

A total prize of $2,000.00 will be divided among  4 winning entries. The check will be sent to your school for the benefit your classroom, team, or club.

Here are the rules!

1) Submitter must be a Massachusetts student team or club (or teacher on behalf of students). Contest is open to all Massachusetts students.

2) Video must be less than four (4) minutes long.

3) All entries must be received by midnight on April 15, 2019.  Entries can be submitted using the official entry form below.

4) All videos become of the property of MAC and MSG to be used for promotional purposes and shown at events.

5) Entries will be judged by the following rubric.    Go to RUBRIC!

Questions? Email

Official Entry Form

Step 1: Fill out the Form Below


Thanks for submitting!

Step 2: Upload your video

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