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SCHOOL Agriculture &

Garden Education (SAGE)


Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom (MAC) seeks to support the creation and sustenance of school gardens throughout the Commonwealth, and to create links between these gardens and Massachusetts agriculture.


MAC has supported school garden efforts across the state for more than 20 years.


Our two signature programs are Mini-Grants and the SAGE Teacher Cohort. We provide further knowledge and resources through incorporation of school gardens into our workshops and conference offerings as well.






Since 1994, MAC has awarded mini-grants to school projects that have included garden-based education, nutrition and healthy local foods. 



Read more about mini-grants here.





Since 1996, we have conducted professional development trainings for educators through workshops and conferences focusing on a variety of agricultural topics, many with links to garden-based education.


Written materials have supported gardening at the school, including teacher resources on soils , composting, and growing specific fruits, vegetables, herbs and flowers.



Read more about our conferences and workshops.



Our School Agriculture & Garden Education (SAGE) Teacher Cohort is a focused way in which we support our mission of teaching teachers about agriculture.



Teachers and educators receive a kit of resources and support to use school gardens to teacher their students, schools, districts and communities about agriculture. 



Read about SAGE here.

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