Presented by the Massachusetts State Grange Roots Initiative and Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom.   Workshops provided with sponsorships from the Massachusetts Department of Agricultural Resources, The Massachusetts Dairy Promotion Board.




Annually, Massachusetts Agriculture in the Classroom sponsors conferences or days of continuing education across Massachusetts connecting educators, community, farmers and other stakeholders in a day long conversation on integrating agriculture in to the classroom.   

We plan to continue virtual workshops of 1-1.5 hours , FREE, and do not offer PDP's for the short time.

When appropriate , we will also have outdoor farm based on site workshops with opportunity for PDP


Completed Summer workshops:    Beekeeping is the Bee's Knees! , Pamper Yourself with Herbs 

Virtual Workshops:

Meet a Cranberry Growing Family -  October 

Meet the McCaffrey Family, two generations growing  cranberries at Spring Rain Farm and Old Earth Orchards in East Taunton. COMPLETED


 What is unique about raising turkeys  Why purchase your Thanksgiving turkey locally?   Completed


Learn the proper way to prune any apple trees planted in your school garden or home. Completed

FIBER AND FEELINGS January Ways to incorporate SEL with an agricultural lesson    completed.  

Maple Sugaring in Massachusetts- March

Learn more about the effort, tools, and time it takes to process sap and turn it into syrup.  Completed.   

Hugelkultur - Raised Beds - April 14, 6:30 pm

Gardener Liz Smith will explain how to create a raised bed using this

German method of gardening over a base of old logs for a sustainable

way to grow vegetables.  Learn ways make your yard (or school yard)

fit a wide variety of plantings in a small space.

Angela Cote will take us through a mindfulness exercise appropriate for use in the school garden...or anywhere!

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Simple Machines...Can You Find Them on a Farm?  May 26, 6:30 pm

You have learned about simple machines but can you recognize them in the form of farm implements?  Join dairy farmer Eric Starbard as he shows us some of the tools used on his farm that make the work easier.  Can we recognize similar tools in our every day life?    Learn more about the many facets of being a farmer.

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